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Every year, falls result in many painful injuries and unnecessary deaths.  We have responded to these preventable injuries by providing a fall restraint system to reduce the number of incidents and to comply with the “Working at height requirements”.

Unique Safety Systems offer simple and affordable safety related systems to prevent falls from roofs and associated hazardous areas within the construction industry and industrial and commercial environments.

We are able to design and install free-standing and fixed hand rail systems to provide edge protection to the majority of roofing installations which are aesthetically pleasing and virtually maintenance free.

Our free standing roof edge guardrail system is a self-supported system with no structural fixings required and which stands firmly on galvanised base plates fitted with a rubber base material to prevent damage to the membrane materials and offer roof edge protection.

The system can be used on flat roofs regardless of shape, size or with multiple levels with changes in direction achieved with corners, swept bends or adjustable corners manufactured to ensure pleasing configurations and conformity to design criteria.

To enable freedom or adjustment for future maintenance requirements of the roof, the system legs are manufactured to be telescopic and allow base plates to be repositioned or adjusted but which must be reinstated to ensure safety upon completion of the proposed maintenance works.

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